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Forwarts Wart Remover Precision Freeze Spray

Pronova Forwarts Wart Remover Precision Freeze Spray is an over-the-counter medical device used to remove warts and verrucas. Forwarts freeze spray uses a precise spray of refrigerant to treat the wart and freeze it right into its core.

Using a unique, patented dosing system, Forwarts wart remover sprays a precise jet of cooling gas onto warts. No other product uses this direct freezing method and therefore Forwarts is a powerful innovation in the field of wart treatment.

Forwarts works on the principle of cryotherapy, which means that the wart is frozen during treatment. Warts can be removed quickly, easily, and effectively with this method. A single wart removal treatment usually takes 10 to 15 seconds, and the wart falls off after two weeks.

Key Benefits of Forwarts Wart Spray:

Revolutionary freezing technology.
It's a fast and effective wart remover for use at home.
The freezing spray is administered to the wart in a very precise manner, so that the healthy skin is protected as much as possible. Therefore Forwarts is suitable for adults and children over the age of 4 years.
Specially designed for warts on hands and verrucas (warts on feet), which are the most frequent and common types of wart.
Ready for application and does not require any preparation!

Active Ingredients: Dimethyl Ether. This is an organic compound that is often used as an environmentally friendly propellant in aerosols.

Forwarts is immediately ready for use as soon as you remove it from its packaging. Make sure you always test the application during first use by briefly spraying it into the air with the nozzle facing down. A small jet of freezing gas will come out of the nozzle, making a hissing sound. Read more about this in the leaflet.

Step 1: Place the nozzle over the wart. Make sure the nozzle is properly in touch with the skin, and rest your arm on a hard surface. Use a protective patch if the wart is smaller than the nozzle.
Step 2: Using your thumb, slowly push the aerosol button.
Step 3: Spray the wart for 10-15 seconds with the gas. Forwarts treatment takes only 10 seconds for common warts and 15 seconds for verrucas. After two weeks, the wart normally comes off the skin.

After the treatment, a blister may form beneath the wart. This blister must not be damaged! This can result in an infection. Allow the blister/wart to dry before removing it from the skin. Ensure that the wart and surrounding skin are kept clean. During the first 14 days after treatment, avoid exposing affected skin to direct sunlight as much as possible

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