What is the right type of collagen for you?

June 11, 2021 3 min read

What is the right type of collagen for you?

There are numerous types of collagen available.  Choosing the one that is right for you can be quite a challenge.

  1. Do you need a collagen to help your skin or a collagen for your joints?
  2. Would you prefer a collagen that is sourced from bovine, marine, or are you vegetarian, or vegan?
  3. Do you want a capsule, tablet, or drink?  

Until about 20 years ago, collagen supplements weren't manufactured at all in the UK. 

At Healtharena™ we were one of the first companies to manufacture collagen here in the UK, back in 2003 and have improved our products constantly over the last 18 years.   

Being in the healthfood industry, with shops in our local towns for almost 40 years, we've sold almost every collagen type available from all over the world.

So, these typical questions from customers and information or advice we give, might help to guide you through the daunting task of choosing the right collagen, or collagen boosting supplement for you.

What types of collagen can you get?

Types of collagen found naturally in our body

It is estimated that there are 28 types of collagen found naturally in our body. But within these types there are 5 that are most common and it is these, specifically Type I, II and III that you need most. These are the key types in Healtharena’s products. Find out more about Collagen Types in your body.

Types of collagen source

Collagen is now typically sourced from animals such as cows, pigs and chickens and for pescetarians collagen can be sourced from fish.  

The first collagen supplement that we produced at Healtharena™ was a bovine (cow) collagen because it was, and still is, one of the most effective and researched collagens with clinically proven results. It has a closer DNA profile to human collagen, more than marine, or other collagens do.  

FACT:  Collagen can’t be sourced from plants.

Over the years we have researched products and ingredients implying that they are vegetarian, or vegan collagens.  You cannot get collagen from a plant, so we don’t produce pseudo vegetarian collagens.  You can get genetically modified yeast and bacteria to mimic collagen, but our recommendation for vegetarians and vegans to improve collagen levels is to take a collagen boosting supplement like Vitamin C, or a supplement that can help maintain your hair, skin and nails like Biotin.

Types of Quality of Collagen

There are many things that determine the quality of collagen.  We believe our collagen is the best that is currently available. Read about the quality of Healtharena™ collagen.

Choosing between capsules, tablets, or drinks

We don’t manufacture collagen tablets.  We try to keep our products as pure and additive free as possible and tablets are manufactured with binders and fillers.

So, when choosing between a collagen drink and collagen capsule most people make their choice dependent on the strength of product they want. Drinks are able to have much higher strengths per serving than capsules. To achieve the same strength of collagen per serving you need to take lots of capsules.

So, to summarise, our recommendation for the best collagen solution for someone wanting a bovine collagen for their skin, we would firstly recommend Dermacoll™ collagen drink. Dermacoll™ contains Type I and III collagen, the most abundant types of collagen in the skin. If you prefer capsules then Skin Deep Collagen Capsules contain the same type of collagen that is in our Dermacoll™ collagen drink.

If you are looking for a bovine collagen for your joints, then Flexicoll™, or Flexicoll™ Platinum collagen drinks would be best, containing Types I and III and converting to Type II.

Alternatively, if you are a pescatarian, the product we would advise for your skin and joint health is Ultimate Collagen, marine collagen drink, or if you prefer capsules Marine Collagen Capsules.

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