Eco-Friendly Packaging

Industrially Compostable Pouches

Q: What is it made of?
A: Our new packaging is made from 100% certified industrially compostable material - Eco Friendly.
65 gsm kraft paper with a laminated inner lining, made from plant-based PLA material and ALOX protective coating. The pouch is resealable and has a high oxygen and moisture barrier, to keep contents fresh.

Food safe - FDA approved materials.

Q: How do I dispose of the pack?
A: The way this product should be disposed of is in your regular plastic recycling collection bin (this can be different in every region). Industrial compostable means that the material can be fully broken down by special machinery. This is different than home compostable. Industrial compostable material will break down at a particular temperature (around the 70-90 degrees) and will not leave any remains.
Unfortunately, at present not every waste disposer has a machine to process the material PLA, due to cost this is only available in certain areas. But in the processing of regular plastic, the material PLA will still be broken down. Furthermore, there is still the main advantage that this material has not been made from fossil fuels, it has been produced with 100% bio based fuel.

Q: Why don't you use Home Compostable packaging?
A: To date we haven't found a Home Compostable pack that will keep our powders stable and maintain a good shelf life. Trials have shown problems with bacteria and moisture reaching products. More and more areas of the UK are providing Industrial Composting facilities.

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