Bovine and Marine Collagen

We use Bovine Collagen or Marine Collagen in our products.


The reason we use Bovine Collagen is because it has some important DNA similarities to human Collagen and can be used more effectively by the body.
Verisol® and Fortigel® have had numerous clinical trials showing their efficacy.
Verisol® helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles (decrease in wrinkles), improves the elasticity of skin surface structure, improves skin tonicity and skin firmness.
Fortigel® is specifically formulated for joint health.



Healtharena Marine Collagen comes from sustainably sourced fresh fish.  Our hydrolysed marine collagen has a low molecular weight, making it highly bioavailable (easily absorbed).

This is an excellent alternative to anyone who would prefer to use a marine collagen product.


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